From casinos to cruise ships to custom sewing with Amanda Carita, So Sew English Fabrics

Season #1

So Sew English was founded by Amanda Carita, a single mother with a passion for sewing. This passion began in childhood and was deeply ingrained in her throughout her life.

As she pursued her craft, however, she ran into difficulty sourcing materials, discovering that beautiful fabrics were expensive and affordable fabrics low quality. Thus, began her dream to provide beautiful and affordable fabrics to the sewing community. She started small, but customers recognized her vision and her business quickly grew. 

So Sew English is built upon two core tenants: 1) self-made fashion can be more economical than purchasing ready to wear, and 2) we need not sacrifice beauty or quality to make this possible. More than a brand, SSE is a movement to make the dream of self-made fashion a reality for everyone. 

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