Breaking away from home-ec sewing with Michelle Morris, That Black Chic

Season #1

Michelle Morris is the Editor-in-Chief of the colorful fashion, sewing and DIY blog That Black Chic. This is a platform on which she shares her own fashions, sewing tips, reviews and tutorials. Michelle is a sewing influencer on the scene who has become known for her loud and unusual prints and her ability to mix and match. She's also known for working with her fabric of choice, denim, and making showstopping pieces of clothing. In 2017 Michelle took this same idea to the pages of a new sewing publication called Sewn Magazine. This multicultural magazine is a space to showcase makers and artist of all colors.

Find Michelle: 

"I love creating textiles with denim and dying denim with my bleach art. I love creating wall décor items, and right now I’m into creating framed food art."


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