Accidental successes, big-ass books & making things for mom - Mark Montano, Meet Your Makers Showdown

Season #1

Mark Montano strives to make the world a better place through creativity. He's a Best-Selling Author, Designer and TV Host. He writes THE BIG-ASS CRAFT BOOK series (Simon & Schuster) which are best-selling craft books in the U.S. Mark has worked in television for over 12 years and can be seen on the new Discover + show, MEET YOUR MAKERS SHOWDOWN with co-hosts Chrissy Metz and LeAnn Rimes. Learn about his background and what motivated him to dive into the world of sewing and creating.

Find Mark:

Facebook: MarkMontanoLA

Instagram: themarkmontano

Pinterest: MarkMontano

YouTube: Subscribe to his channel for DIYs aplenty!

Shop Mark's favorite Sulky Thread - Glowy™:


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