Master of curves (& folding khakis) Jen Carlton Bailly of Betty Crocker Ass

Season #1

In a previous life, Jen Carlton Bailly probably sold you a pair of jeans or khakis at The Gap. Today you’ll find her covered in thread and searching down the latest inspiration for a quilt. She is a self-proclaimed master at curves and finds pleasure in creating quilts with secondary patterns that make you stop and wonder.

Listen and learn how she took her sewing to next-level greatness and why she calls herself "Betty Crocker Ass."

Find Jen:

Social Handles: bettycrockerass


Find Jen's "Red Skies at Night" Quilt Pattern at and try your hand at sewing curved the "bettycrockerass" way:

Jen's Favorite Techniques:

  • Glue Basting
  • Sewing Curves
  • Know your machine...RTFM (read the frecking manual) - not really a technique but no one ever does it.

Jen's Favorite Notions:

  • Glue Stick
  • Clover 18 and 28 mm rotary cutter (with a FRESH blade)
  • Design Wall

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