Have a handmade happy hour with Cathie Filian, cathiefilian.com

Season #1

Cathie Filian has always been crafty. She began sewing at age 8, making jewelry with paper clips by 9 and by high school making almost all her own clothing, including party dresses. She studied Textile Science and Design at The Ohio State University and spent the early part of her career in the Fashion Industry.

Cathie spent 10 years working behind the scenes as a stylist on Hollywood films before she moved to the other side of the camera. She worked on films such as Rushmore, Twister, Heartbreakers, Bottle Rocket, and Vanilla Sky during her 10 years as a stylist. She was the Co-Producer, Co-Host and Co-Designer on HGTV’s Creative Juice and DIY Network’s Halloween Witch Crafts, both Emmy Nominated shows. She also produced on TLC’s Craft Wars.

Recently, Cathie co-invented the Mod Melter and she has a line of products for Mod Podge that are sold in major craft retailers across America, Canada and internationally. Her embroidery kits are available at all Walmart stores in the USA.

Listen as Cathie shares why she sews, a hobby that shaped her life and career.

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