Couture costumer, artist & fashion designer Anna He of Seattle Cosplay

Season #1

Anna He has an extensive, professional background in the fashion industry as a designer. With a passion for sewing and anime, she merged her dream job and her love of all things anime and high fantasy. Raised in New York City, Anna started sewing around age 14 and never looked back.

She went on to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. After college, she worked for many fashion labels in New York City and Seattle. On-the-job training sharpened her eyes for details and workmanship. Working with higher priced labels refined her hands for good quality fabric and their ability to drape. It also taught her about best-practice construction methods.

As she became more acclimated with anime, Japanese culture and epic high fantasy, she discovered that all of those costumes could be made to fit a real person! That’s when she started to really investigate theater art and Cosplay.

Anna has a wide array of experience working with leather, woven fabric, knit fabric, brocade silk, lace, mesh, feather as well as beading, embroidery and painting. She has created over 200 high-quality, award winning costumes for herself and customers – ranging from video games, to Epic Fantasy, to comic and Sci-fi and of course, her own original designs.




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