The luckiest quilter alive: Elizabeth Beck, Tandem Quilting Co.

Season #1

Born into a very artsy home, Elizabeth found the quilting world around age 28. She continued to quilt and learn and in 2009, opened her own cottage business.

Elizabeth thought she'd focus "mostly" on making T-shirt quilts. But Elizabeth Beck Quilts quickly grew into much more than that. 

She met a refugee in 2017 who had been creating and constructing wedding dresses in Damascus, Syria. They began working together, which led her to more and more refugee women who had such amazing sewing skills and wild survival stories.

Soon after, she decided to pivot her business and change the mission. Tandem Quilting Co. grew as a place where people worked "together" like a tandem bike. They are a humble, apartment-based company where each woman is able to work out of her home, therefore eliminating the need for childcare or a car. Elizabeth travels to them, they drink tea while discussing the next project, communicating with google translate if needed. The women are such a joy and work very hard. They now employ 8 women who are originally from Burma, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Tandem Quilting Co strives to employ, empower and encourage local women with global roots.

They have two main hashtags:  #bettertogether and #everystorymatters

Instagram:  tandemquiltingco

Facebook:  Tandem Quilting Co.



Elizabeth's Favorite Notions:  seam ripper ( of course!), knit picker (to hide knots on quilts),

Fabric sheets for InkJet Printers and always Sulky Thread!


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