Sharing pieces of myself through quilting, Karie Jewell Quilts

Season #1

Karie Jewell is a pattern designer and quilter. She has over 30 years of experience in quilting. She first started sewing with her mother and grandmother when she was 14 and started her own company with a friend in 2001. Listen as she shares her most precious memories of sewing, the specialty of handmade gifts, her business partner, her love language, and more.

[01.36] Karie’s background – Starting the conversation, Karie shares a brief bio about herself, her career journey, and why she loves hand quilting so much.

[08.07] EPP – Karie explains English paper piecing and how it works.

[11.03] The first memory – Karie dives into her first memory of sewing with her grandmother.

[23.03] Handmade gifts – We talk about the specialty of giving handmade gifts to someone.

[28.10] Business Partner – Karie talks about her friend with whom she started her business.

[35.06] Favorite people – We talk about Karie’s favorite people and how they helped her pursue her career. [42.02] Machine embroidery – Karie shares why she has never done machine embroidery.

[47.20] Spreading Love – At the end of today’s conversation, Karie shares how she gives love to people with everything she sews for them.

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