From graphic design to quilting full-time with Karlee Porter

Season #1

Karlee Porter is an award-winning quilter and the creator of “Graffiti Quilting: A Simple Guide to Complex.” Her mission is to help new people navigate the quilting world, take opportunities, and create something special. She shares her journey in quilting, her favorite tools and books, and more.

[01.47] Memories of sewing – Starting the conversation, Karlee shares her first memories of sewing with her grandmother when she was a child.

[12.05] Learning quilt – Karlee shares her reasons behind learning to quilt.

[20.44] Graffiti quilting – We dive into how Karlee came up with the name ‘Graffiti Quilting’ for her book.

[27.50] Favorite tools – Karlee shares her favorite tools she uses for machine quilting.

[38.06] Honest fabric – Karlee shares how introduces new people to the industry and makes connections between quilters and non-quilters.

[47.15] Helping other people – We talk about how Karlee always finds it interesting to help other people.

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