Walking the line between fashion and craft with Liesl Gibson, Oliver + S Patterns

Season #1

Liesl Gisbon is a pattern designer and the designer behind Oliver + S and Liesl + Co. She used to design clothing for large companies like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. She started her own business, Oliver + S, in 2008. Liesl + Co. is a line of patterns for women’s clothing that features all the details you expect from the very best independent patterns. Liesl is also the author of Oliver + S: Little Things to Sew. She chats about her career between fashion and craft, starting her own business, being a minimalist, the satisfaction of being a teacher and more.

[00.43] Liesl’s background – We start the conversation with a brief bio about Liesl, including her educational background and her career journey.

[04.15] Fashion and craft – Liesl explains why she built her career between fashion and craft.

[13.55] Own business – Liesl shares why she decided to start her own business.

[19.29] Creating something – We talk about what Liesl likes to sew if she has spare time.

[22.35] A minimalist – Liesl shares why she likes being a minimalist and her favorite tools when it comes to sewing.

[27.51] Sewing personalities – We talk about Liesl’s the two people who influenced her the most in the industry.

[35.06] Satisfaction – Liesl shares why she likes being a teacher more than a pattern designer.


Connect with Liesl:

Website - lieslandco.com/


Instagram - instagram.com/lieslgibson/


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