Bringing Bliss with Quilting, Valori Wells

Season #1

Valori Wells is a professional quilter, author, fabric and pattern designer, painter and photographer. She was born into and raised surrounded by fabric from birth by her loving and creative mother. She has been designing fabrics for about twenty years, and her products can be found all over the world. She has written a total of twelve books, nine alongside her mother and three by herself. Join us as we talk about Valori’s younger self, her first exposure to sewing, the balance between professional and personal life, hand-carved blocks, building connections in the community and more.

[02.30] Younger self – Starting the conversation, Valori shares a brief bio about herself and the journey she took to decide she wanted to design fabric.

[07.42] First exposure – How Valori absorbed fabric her entire life without even realizing it

[15.11] The balance – The importance of balancing professional life and personal life

[20.57] Hand-carved blocks – Valori shares how she fell in love with block printing and the Japanese block printing tools she uses.

[28.06] Favorite tools – Valori’s favorite tools in her sewing room

[35.33] Creating Connection – We dive into how Valori and her mom started doing virtual classes during the COVID-19 period to build a community connection.

[42.17] Open-minded people – Valori explains why she thinks she has the most amazing people in the industry.

[50.00] The satisfaction – It’s not always about the destination but the journey. What you're doing at the moment brings all the bliss.

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