From thoughtful gifts to organized obsessions with Kate Johnson, You Too More

Season #1

Let's celebrate the beauty and artistry of stitching, one thread at a time. This episode features Kate Johnson, a blogger and creative genius behind YOU TOO MORE, a delightful space where she shares her love for all things cross-stitch and quirky. Join us as we unravel the threads of Kate's stitching journey, explore her creative process, and dive into the joyous cross-stitch world.

Kate is an extraordinary individual who has found her true calling in the art of stitching. With a needle in hand and a thread full of creativity, she has immersed herself in the enchanting world of cross-stitch. But how did she stumble upon this captivating craft? After years of exploring various artistic pursuits, Kate unexpectedly tripped and face-planted into the cross-stitch world. And from that moment on, she was hooked!

Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and perhaps even motivated to pick up a needle and thread yourself!

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"Everybody has a different technique, a different style, a different way of finishing things, or how they store things like threads, how they manage their color, just a whole bunch of different things. Everybody has a different method to their madness. And I love that I like seeing that I'm constantly inspired. I'm constantly rearranging my stash of supplies to find out what works best for me."


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